Private Tours

Private Munich Third Reich Tour by Bike

This comprehensive 4 hour bike tour will not only allow you to learn about the Munich as the birth place of the Nazi Movement but also immerse you into it's history. Our experienced guides have compiled countless images to help place you in the moment to bring this darkest period of Munich's history to life. 

These are just some of the places and topics covered:

  • Sterneckerstrasse -  Where Adolf first met the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei DAP 
  • Hofbrauhaus - Where the Nazi Party held many propoganda events
  • Odeonsplatz - Where the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch was foiled and was eventually used to indoctrinate new SS recruits
  • Konigs Platz - Home of the Fuhrerbau and used for many party Rallies
  • Georg-Elser-Platz- hear about the first assasination attempt on Hitler
  • Geschwister-scholl-Platz - Munich's students standing up against the party
  • Haus Der Kunst- formally Haus der Deutschen Kunst


1 - 4 Persons = 200 EUR

5 - 9 Persons = 380 EUR

10 -14 Persons = 480 EUR

15 -25 Persons = 580 EUR

26+ persons is 22.50 EUR per guest 


The price of this private tour includes:

  • Bikes for all guests (helmets only on request)
  • Experienced Guide
  • 1 bottle of Water for each guest 
  • 19%MwSt (sales tax)